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Ryzo’s Team

FUCO & Ryzo CO., Ltd. was founded in 2015 by a group of passionate and creative youths in technology. Ryzo is dedicated to the solution to mobile internet, thus we developed WEBA – an extraordinary digital marketing platform to leverage your brand, enhance digital interaction and customer service effectively.

Our concerns are not only digital marketing, but real-time interactive marketing.

Our clients vary from finance, insurance, retail, tourism industry, and more. It’s your ticket to attain interactive marketing, and to lead the digital generation.

WEBA Engagement Platform

To provide a management platform for customer communication and interaction mechanisms. Through WEBA’s 8 modules and highly flexible web page format, it is easy for enterprises to create a full range of application scenarios such as interactive lottery draws, personalized applications, application forms, and data tracking.

WEBA Mobile Bill

A platform designed for mobile bill version production and precise marketing. Personalized content can be generated through a data-driven approach, and personalized advertisements can be set, which greatly changes the previous process of creating mobile bills and any modification that requires a change in Raw Data.

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Our Mission

To help enterprises hear customers’ voice and deliver their needs faster.
Through mobile technology and one-step-ahead features, interacting with customers is not a big deal anymore.

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