WEBA is a No-Code digital marketing management tool that can with various solutions. It can satisfy quick customer acquision needs, increase conversion rate and painlessly achieve digitization while having marketing freedom.

WEBA’s module based solution allows you to freely mix and match the appropriate modules to your needs. From marketing campaign sites, customer service, questionnaires to online applications, WEBA can meet your needs and simplify the process.

WEBA can provide you with the following three benefits :

  1. “Fast” – projects can be independently completed in an average of 1-2 days
  2. “Simplify” – drag and drop to create without the help of IT/programmers
  3. “Secure” – information security authority management, flexibly fits into the structure of any industry

WEBA currently has more than 100 templates to choose from, and updates are available every 3-6 months. Elements such as color and image can be customized in our templates to match your brand/theme, so you won’t need to worry about having the same design as other users.

The sites created in WEBA will be scaled proportionally to the content at the time of production on devices of different widths, to ensure presentation on different devices is the same.

We currently provide operation manuals and videos. These are provided upon WEBA account activation.

We currently do not provide free trial services. You are welcome to fill out our Contact Us Form on the official website, and we will arrange for someone to contact you for more information.

Our company uses AWD, which allows you to have the best browsing experience on both mobile phones and computers.

Operation Questions

WEBA can currently be operated through Chrome browser on any computer.

Operating WEBA is as simple as creating a Power Point, where no coding is required and sites can easily be created through drag & drop.

Marketing campaigns created through WEBA can be shared on different channels through social media, EDM, QR Code, and more.

Sites created through WEBA currently can be used on all mainstream browsers, updates are in progress.

WEBA’s Interactive Module allows prize winners to share on social media.

Performance Tracking

WEBA has a built-in data observation module, which allows you to stay on top of all activities.

Yes, data analysis and personal data collected in each campaign can be downloaded for remarketing purposes.

We currently support GA, FB Pixel, and GTM. You can paste the code directly into WEBA, then return to the platform you are familiar with for tracking.

Pricing Plans

We currently provide various services such as on-premise installation and cloud services. Please fill out our Contact Form so we can contact you and provide solutions that best meet your needs.

WEBA is a module based product that provides mix and match options with our Enterprise Suite according your needs. Please fill out our Contact Form so we can contact you and get a better understanding of your needs in order to provide the most suitable quote.

Learn more about WEBA and start now !