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Using WEBA interactive mechanism to maintain good customer experience, and using the virtual and real integration approach, more than 50 followers were converted into paying customers within a week.

—— Taiwan's well-known new-type insurance experience store

Are you facing these Problems ?

Insurance products are complicated and difficult to understand, and it is difficult to encourage potential consumers to buy ?
There are so many business people and sales materials, and performance data cannot be tracked and verified in real time ?
The products are rich and cover all needs, but do not see existing customers re-sign or make purchase ?

WEBA’s Module based Solution

In the No-Code framework, you can solve various problems in the sales cycle for your industry.

Establish incentives for active participation and learning through reward based questionnaires.

With flexible functions and web forms, supplemented by elements such as social media, online audio, video, image and text templates to formulate different levels of Q&A rewards and rules. Continuously adjust the content through real-time data to create multiple peaks in individual campaigns.

Personalized sites to present the corresponding content and data details

Create personalized digital DM for each sales person necessary personal data parameter to better grasp promotion status and provide better provide better service with completed online contact information and track performance.

Establish focus group recommendation to activate the old customer list and promote cross-selling

In addition to renewing single insurance products, by incorporating personal information, needs analysis, and product recommendations can also be provided with the appropriate customer segmentation. Application process can be completely directly online such as signing contracts or uploading identifications.

Marking video Q&A brand campaign

Connect with customers through video and audio or lazy bags, conveying product and brand information, but also using rewarded Q&A as an incentive to participate in enhancing the effectiveness of the event.


Over 15,000 ppl watched marketing video in full


Fanpage increase by over 12,000 followers


Over 7,000 ppl directed from campaign placed orders

WEBA’s Use Case

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