Quickly adapt high-quality content without technical burden

Without the assistance of an engineer, WEBA completes the production of web pages and interactive mechanisms within a week, and produces monthly continuous output, which improves the click-through rate of articles and deepens the interaction with readers.

—— A media brand that focuses on innovative technology, lifestyle, and civic issues

Are you facing these Problems ?

Want to continue customizing special exhibitions for hot topics and advertisers, but you’re limited by insufficient technical resources ?
Exhausted ways to increase the click-through rate of the overall website, and ultimately rely on organic search ?
Writing hundreds of article topics, but how do I push personalized content to appropriate readers all at once ?

WEBA’s Module based Solution

In the No-Code framework, you can solve various problems in the sales cycle for your industry.

Marketing/Designer/Editor, and a painless site creation tool

There is no need to ask IT or outsource to customize development. Site theme and interactive mechanisms can be designed and modified without any coding, and setup UTM to track traffic source of each content.

Make good use of existing articles, and use gamification to attract more readers every day

Daily sign-in tasks can be established through an interactive mechanism to cultivate loyalty and incentivise participants to share with task rewards. In addition to increasing the breadth of article dissemination, it also increases the website’s click-through rate to obtain more objective advertising revenue.

In-depth application of the subscription list, with one web page presenting hundreds of focus content

Quickly segment readers subscribed to your newsletter, and regularly produce and send newsletters according to different preferences and needs, to display different content to readers that you’ve carefully segmented for the same site jump through their newsletter.

A variety of themed web pages stimulate click-through rates

In response to the content of different customer groups and the main propaganda, themed event webpages only need to be dragged and clicked, and a variety of interactive games can be added to enhance content diversion. Data tracking and content optimization can also be completed in one stop.


Complete the design, setup and launch of the theme activity page within 7 days


Guide more than 2,000 followers to click on articles through interactive games


Reduce cost for design and technical manpower by more than 70%

WEBA’s Use Case

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