Playing with the marketing funnel allows buying momentum to grow

The online and offline channels are connected in series, and through WEBA, the marketing campaign will reach the target within 3 days; more than 40,000 fans will be added within a week, and the printing cost of 100,000 paper coupons will be saved.

—— There are more than 402 stores and online members of beauty retail channels in Taiwan

Are you facing these Problems ?

The POS system is too complicated to redeem discounts and easily lose passer-by ?
Want to improve performance through activities, but don’t know which products, themes, and channels are the most popular ?
Need to replace banners frequently, but the manpower and time are hard to manage ?

WEBA’s Module based Solution

In the No-Code framework, you can solve various problems in the sales cycle for your industry.

No need to connect the ticket upload, send and write-off system

Whether you want to display serial number, barcode or QR Code, you can upload it in batches through Excel, and you can scan and write off the code instantly without connecting to the POS system. The cashier does not need additional training, and the exchange records and ticket usage situation can be grasped in real time in the background.

View data reports in real time, dynamically adjust to find the best solution

Hundreds of editions can be customized for different activities according to product types and adjusted at any time. While giving customers more choices, you can also compare which products and promotion types are most popular from the data background or directly export reports.

Synchronize replacement of materials and drawing files of various sizes can be generated with one click

Whether it’s online event banners, advertisements with pictures, or store promotional materials, they can all be produced on the same platform and support material upload, allowing you to directly apply or replace when switching between different sizes and designs.

O2O campaign with real-time interaction incentives to purchase

Whether it’s in-store shoppers, online members, or social followers, they can earn coupons in the real-time interactive lottery game, and guide them to various large-scale shopping malls to redeem rewards to help revenue growth.


Over 18,000 in-store coupon use of digital coupon


Over 40,000 ppl converted from social to in-store customer


Saved on consumable cost for over 300,000 scratch cards

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