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The Enterprise Suite of WEBA’s digital interactive platform is a mobile-first site creation tool. Our built in drag & drop visual editor includes functions such as digital forms, interative elements, analytics, and scheduleing tools. Also, equipped with a comprehensive editing, reviewing, publishing and authority management mechanisms.

Additional modules can also be incorporated to create a one-stop application that includes customer acquisition, operation, service and other processing functions.

WYSIWYG Operation Interface

WEBA has a comprehensive range of content, layout, interaction, social media capabilities and other functional elements. You and your team members can modify and preview projects at any time.

Image, text, carousel image loop, shrink block, tab, countdown, and more
Over 100 sets of templates to be conveniently incorporated
Pages can be indefinitely adjusted and previewed anytime

Additional Features: Outbound Planner

Create digital forms with more capabilities than just questionnaires

15+ free preset question types, time bound and instant notification settings to build engagement with your customers. Automatically collect responses, download and reorganize for remarketing.

View the reply digital forms in real-time, and set the e-mail notifications
Set point calculations for each type of question, data encryption, response type and other settings
Set parameters to creat customized web forms

Additional Features: My SiteWebforom

Real-time review and optimization of results to drive business growth

All projects can be viewed in WEBA’s backend at any time, and can be connected to GA for additional insight into the digital trajectory of customers.

Support for specified project download and complete data of intervals
Freely switch between chart and digital view
Number of users, number of views, bounce rate, page data, and more

Additional Features: Measurement and Report

3 Steps to start using WEBA

1. Choose an Appropriate Template

Hundreds of sets of editions are optionally applied, or through No-Code forms such as components, menus, and content building blocks, create an webpage that meets your needs, and Review > Approve > Publish.

2. The Business Model can be used at Any Time

There are dozens of application mechanisms that can meet the needs of enterprises, such as: publishing mechanism, guide and retention mechanism, revenue doubling mechanism, loyalty and service mechanism, etc.

3. Continuous Optimization of Performance Review

Real-time review of the benefits of each event project, keep abreast of data changes, and identify opportunities for continuous growth and remarketing based on user behavior and digital trajectories.

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