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What is WEBA’s Outbound Planner Module?

Once your campaign site has been created, WEBA can help you reach more customers through various channels. Whether it’s through QR Code, sending EDM/SMS or creating promotional banners, WEBA’s Outbound Planner Module can help you achieve the promotional objectives in one place.

Build brand visibility through the most effective channels

One-stop service to create EDM/SMS and compile mailing list directly in one place without logging into multiple platforms.

Variety of EDM templates and comprehensive editing, reviewing and publishing mechanism
Create multiple mailing groups and automatically exclude duplicates
Download open rate, link clicks, and other data

Additional Features:Enterprise Suite

Banner generator necessary to operate on marketing channels

Create for Facebook and Instagram posts, multimedia Google ads, and official campaign banners quickly and beautifully.

Banner templates that meet different size and layouts requirements
Exclusive material library allows text/image to be changed in sync
No longer limited by layout sizing or export

Generate QR Code to connect devices and situations with one click

Generate custom colored QR Code for WEBA project or designated URL and connect with customers in different channels by scanning the code.

Generate and download WEBA projects instantly
Customize color and design to your needs
Logo and image uploads available

3 Steps to start using WEBA

1. Choose an Appropriate Template

Hundreds of sets of editions are optionally applied, or through No-Code forms such as components, menus, and content building blocks, create an webpage that meets your needs, and Review > Approve > Publish.

2. The Business Model can be used at Any Time

There are dozens of application mechanisms that can meet the needs of enterprises, such as: publishing mechanism, guide and retention mechanism, revenue doubling mechanism, loyalty and service mechanism, etc.

3. Continuous Optimization of Performance Review

Real-time review of the benefits of each event project, keep abreast of data changes, and identify opportunities for continuous growth and remarketing based on user behavior and digital trajectories.

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