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What is WEBA’s Webform Module?

A simplified and mobile friendly online application with comprehensive styles of questions and functions to choose from are available so your customers can complete all application related tasks for sales, services, added value, and more online.

Dedicate personalized application forms to designated customers

From blank to customized forms, elements such as e-signatures, ID card upload, verification and privacy caluses can be incorporated for different situations. Real-time data binding to create personalized application forms with identification verification also available.

Blank form for public to fill out
Personalized forms sent to designated users
Customize to different needs and display personal info

Download PDF files anytime, anywhere

After digital forms are filled, do you also need to allow downloads for customers to keep a copy? PDF versions of the same form that was filled out can be downloaded immediately after submission instead of sending a separate e-mail with the attachment.

Download with one click after form submission is complete
Set PDF download formate to your preference
Data filled and files uploaded in a complete PDF format

Easy to read application data

Want to have all data shared by customers in one place? Webform backend database provides a complete record with offline download available. You can setup regular cleanup requirements for backend data and no longer worry about security.

Personal info management and automated Housekeeping
Export backend data with one click in the form of Excel spreadsheet
View user PDF file as well as original file upload from customer

3 Steps to start using WEBA

1. Choose an Appropriate Template

Hundreds of sets of editions are optionally applied, or through No-Code forms such as components, menus, and content building blocks, create an webpage that meets your needs, and Review > Approve > Publish.

2. The Business Model can be used at Any Time

There are dozens of application mechanisms that can meet the needs of enterprises, such as: publishing mechanism, guide and retention mechanism, revenue doubling mechanism, loyalty and service mechanism, etc.

3. Continuous Optimization of Performance Review

Real-time review of the benefits of each event project, keep abreast of data changes, and identify opportunities for continuous growth and remarketing based on user behavior and digital trajectories.

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Save on labor cost for over 3,000 cases per month


Save over USD$3,000 per month on labor and consumable costs


Claim dispute resolution time decreased from 7 days to 30mins

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