Privacy Policy

Thank you for using WEBA, to provide a better service, FUCO & Ryzo Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as Ryzo) will collect relevant information from you.
Ryzo takes your privacy very seriously and follows law regulation. Following is the statement about Privacy Policy.

1.The Scope of this Privacy Policy

Before using the service from our website, please make sure you have read and accept all terms listed below. If you didn’t agree to all or part of them, please do not use the service. The privacy policy is available in collecting, processing and using your personal information, we will not pass your information to companies or individuals irrelevant to Ryzo. You may link from our website to the third party websites, which will collect your personal information based on their regulations and privacy policies and we will not interfere with it.

2.Personal Information Collection Statement

  1. Organization: FUCO & Ryzo Co., Ltd
  2. Purposes: To provide our services, do marketing, contracts, business similar to contracts or laws, consumers, clients management and service, online shopping, commercial and business behavior management, and other work according to articles of incorporation and business registration items.
  3. Personal information supplied includes: Identification (name, address, contact number, email address) and characteristics (age, gender, birth), others (contacting email contents, messages on the website, auto-recorded user behavior, etc).
  4. Information holding period: One year after the effective membership time period has terminated; for the non-members, one year after the end of collecting and using personal information.
  5. Region of use: Currently in Hong Kong, based on the server and business location.
  6. Users of personal information: Ryzo and our cooperating companies (Ex.: companies that provide logistics and cash flow, gifts and items for exhibition and activities). We will make statement if your personal information is collected by Ryzo and other companies and used in the activities.
  7. Method of use: Used within the scope of collecting purposes and privacy policy.
  8. Method of using personal information right: According to term No.3 in Personal Information Protection Law, you have the right to ask for inquiry or reading your personal information, or ask us to copy, add, correct, delete, stop collecting, handling or using your information. We will process the issues through the email you send to [email protected]. The purposes for collecting is to provide you a better user experience and will not affect your rights using the website.

3.Collection, Process and Use of Personal Information

We may release some of the content on our website to your Facebook or similar social media system after getting your agreement. If you don’t agree to the release of the messages, please do not click the agreement button; or you may remove the messages through membership mechanism from social media, or refuse us from posting messages. If there’s any problem, you can still contact us and we will help you to confirm and solve them. We will not provide your information to the third person except for judiciary, mediation organization, competent authority or our cooperating companies within the scope of necessity. If there will be division, independence in management, or acquisition by the third person and causing the transfer of management rights, we will launch the detailed statement on our website in advance. The information of all or part of the users on Ryzo or our website may be transferred to the third person, but is limited to the information related to management transfer. If you were still our member after we transferred our management rights to the third person, and you don’t want us to use your personal information, you may use your rights based on this Privacy Policy.

4.Cookie Technologies

We may use and access cookies on your websites when you are using our services for future recognition. You may decide whether or not to allow our cookie technologies by setting on your PC or devices. If the cookie technology is turned off, some of the functions may be restricted and thus caused your inconvenience using the service on this website.

5.Confidentiality and Security

We have rights to access your personal information for the purposes of providing you products or services, or for the staff members who are providing these services. To protect the safety of your accounts and personal information, please do not offer your personal account and password to the third person or allow the third person to register an account and password with your personal information; you will be responsible for the leak of your personal information. If there are risks of your account and password leaking, please change your password immediately, or inform us to suspend the account (We may ask for verifying your personal information). The Internet is not a safe information transport environment, please avoid to expose your sensitive personal information to others or on the websites.

6.Protections of Minors

This website is not designed for minors/children; therefore, minors should be accompanied by their legal guardians or custodians when using this website and allowing us to collect and use their personal information. The legal guardians or custodians may ask us to suspend specific accounts and the collection, process and use of their personal information.

7.The Revisions of Privacy Policy

If the Privacy Policy has been revised, we will publish the revisions on this website. If you do not agree with the changes or the revisions, please stop using the service on this website and inform us to stop collecting, processing and using your personal information according to this Privacy Policy. You may edit your personal accounts at any time; we have the right to send specific information about WEBA services (such as service statement and management messages), these messages are part of your account and cannot be refused receiving.

Questions and Suggestions

If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us through [email protected].

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