Thank you for using WEBA (hereinafter referred to as WEBA), Following is the statement about our service.


WEBA service includes ryzo.io, WEBA software and the functions and storage provided by WEBA software. WEBA is presented by FUCO & Ryzo Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as Ryzo). By using WEBA, you consent the following terms of service. If you have any doubts about our terms, please send your requests to [email protected]. You can read the latest version of terms here if there’s any updates or revisions.
Ryzo reserves the right to update or revise terms of service with or without notice in advance. We suggest you to check out the latest terms regularly and take heed of the changes that may affect you. We will not damage your rights and interests, instead, we are going to better the service. By continuing our service after the changes in terms, you accept you have read and agreed to the revisions or updates.
If you violated the terms in this agreement, we may block, terminate, or delete the account information you have registered on WEBA without prior notice or liability, to ensure the rights and interests of other WEBA users. If you consider we have blocked or deleted your account information due to our negligence, please contact us about the issues. We will get back to you ASAP with follow-up procedures to prevent the loss of your information. If you didn’t agree to the current or revised terms of use, please do not continue any activity related to WEBA service. If you have any questions, or may find out ambiguity reading the terms, please inform us so that we can contact you and make appropriate amend.

I.Account Terms

  1. To register WEBA, you must provide your latest, correct and complete information, including your real name, contact number, effective email address and any information WEBA has asked for to complete your registration.
  2. Please ensure the security of your password. WEBA assumes no liability for the loss or risk caused by your password insecurity.
  3. You will be responsible for the behaviors and contents you upload within WEBA account, such as information, graphs, images, and links. Do not commit illegal or unauthorized behaviors on WEBA.

II.Legal Obligation and Warranties

You will not use WEBA for illegal purposes or means to create web apps in compliance with the laws of Republic of China (Taiwan) and all international practices related to the use of internet.If you are not a user from Republic of China, please comply with the laws of your country or territory. You agree and guarantee not to violate others’ rights and interests or commit illegal behaviors, including but not limited to:

  1. Spread or deliver any texts, images, or files of all types that are aggressive, indecent, threatening, slanderous, false and against public orders or morals.
  2. ransfer any information that may violate others’ rights and interests including but not limited to privacy, business confidentiality, trademark right, patent, copyright, intellectual property rights and others.
  3. Upload or spread the source code that contains virus, Trojan Horse and malware; or any kind of source code that intentionally suspend, damage, interfere or intercept with the functions of software and hardware.
  4. Conceal or forge the information source transferred by WEBA.
  5. Steal others’ names or credit cards for transaction.
  6. Commit illegal transaction or deliver any false message that induces the crimes.
  7. Traffic contraband such as drugs, guns, doping, adulterant, counterfeits or pirated software.
  8. Interfere or suspend the service from this website or the server and internet that connected to the service.
  9. Send disturbing ad emails, spams, chain letters, or multilevel marketing messages that are illegal.
  10. Deliver information that violates current laws or related international laws. Ryzo will terminate your service once you are found committing illegal behaviors above and will report to the authorities concerned to protect the rights of legitimate users.

III.General Terms

  1. Under any circumstances, we reserve the right to revise or suspend your service without prior notice.
  2. We reserve the right to refuse providing service at any time or under any circumstances
  3. Please note that your information (except for credit card information) will be delivered to other network without encryption or be changed for technical requirements. However, the credit card information would always be delivered with encryption.
  4. It’s our obligation to remove the contents that are illegal, aggressive, threatening, malicious, slanderous, improper or violated intellectual property and terms of service of any account.
  5. Without written permission, you may not replicate, sell or resell any part of the service that WEBA provided.
  6. WEBA will terminate your account immediately if there’s any false accusation against WEBA, WEBA clients and WEBA staff members, both orally or in writing.
  7. We don’t possess the intellectual property right of any of your materials. The materials you uploaded belongs to you. You may delete your account at anytime and we will remove all the contents within it.
  8. When you upload images and texts to WEBA, you agree anyone can view the information. You also accept that WEBA may view, exhibit or save these information.
  9. When WEBA didn’t perform some rights, it does not stand for us abandoning our rights.
  10. You may not purchase search engine keywords or domain with WEBA or WEBA trademark.

IV.Third-Party Tools

  1. WEBA provides links to third-party services to improve user convenience; However, we do not approve the contents of the third party has relevance to WEBA.
  2. WEBA cannot monitor or control the results provided by the third party. Before you use the third-party service, please confirm your awareness to the third party and their terms of use.
  3. WEBA suggests that you may consult from experts before using the third-party service.
  4. WEBA does not approve the suitability, immediacy, effectiveness and accuracy contents of the external websites that are linked on WEBA.
  5. If you entered the linked external websites, you shall decide whether to leave the websites or not. WEBA assumes no responsibility for any damage caused by the third-party websites.

V.Pricing & Payments

  1. WEBA provides a platform for creating mobile websites and charges fees for the platform and physical output (Currency TWD).
  2. WEBA accepts paying online by credit cards, and will ask for payments on first of a month.
  3. If there is any changes for pricing or payments, WEBA will send notice 30 days in advance.
  4. If you consider our service is inappropriate, please inform us for refund 3 days after your payments. After the expiration date you will not be able to get the refund.

VI.Intellectual Property Rights

  1. All the contents on WEBA reserve their intellectual property rights to WEBA or its relevant obligees, contents including but not limited to logo, trademark, work, images, files, documents, data, information, website framework, layout and design, software, video and audio, member information, etc. One is not allowed to use, revise, remake, broadcast, display, adapt, spread, release, publish, do reverse engineering, decompile or disassemble without permission.
  2. If you would like to quote or reproduce the contents from publication or website listed above, you will need to obtain prior written approval from WEBA or its obligees. If not, you will be liable for damage compensation.
  3. WEBA supports the protection of intellectual property rights and expect its users to comply with it. If there are issues about violations of intellectual property rights, we will follow the legal procedures and assist in providing relevant information.


  1. WEBA will be dedicated to protect the validity of data on the website, but will not be responsible for it.
  2. The services WEBA provides exclude any explicit or implicit statements or warranties, including but not limited to guarantee for merchantability, special purposes, complete rights, or the accuracy, completeness, or punctuality of the website and contents.
  3. All the contents on WEBA are provided by its [status quo].
  4. You need to be aware that all information delivered on the internet is possible to get intercepted or hacked.
  5. We will not guarantee that there is no virus or malicious program on WEBA website, server or the emails delivery with the users.
  6. You will need to take the responsibility of any risk using WEBA services.
  7. We do not promise to provide an uninterrupted, immediate, secure internet service without errors. We do not promise absolute safety and flawlessness of WEBA service. If there are any hardware malfunction, internet failure related to WEBA system, negligence or being hacked, causing the users unable to transfer and perform, or causing the loss of member information (such as member information, texts, numbers, images, audio, or video); updates delaying or mistakes in saving, WEBA has no liability and users will not be able to ask WEBA for compensation.
  8. We do not guarantee the service we provide is absolutely reliable.
  9. We do not guarantee the quality of any product, service or information.
  10. We do not take responsibility for the loss due to accidents (such as computer virus infected, system attacked or any emergency loophole), slander, copyright or intellectual property rights violation, including but not limited to the loss of profits, goodwill, usage, information or other invisible loss. WEBA assumes no direct, indirect, incidental, special, derivative, or punitive compensation.
  11. You agree WEBA to change or suspend (temporarily or permanently) the whole or part of the service due to following force majeure including but not limited to system repair, software and hardware updates, regular maintenance, poor internet or natural disaster. You accept that WEBA has no liability for the service changes to you or any third party.
  12. Users should consider the risks of downloading or obtaining WEBA service. WEBA assumes no responsibility for any data damage or loss due to the information downloads listed above.

VIII.Limitation of Liability

You are fully aware and accept that under any circumstances, WEBA or any other individuals, affiliates or suppliers are not liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, derivative, or punitive damage caused by the available or unavailable website or contents. Including but not limited to the loss of business, contracts, profits, information, data, transaction interruption or other invisible loss. WEBA assumes no responsibility even when WEBA is informed the possibility of damages.


You agree to make amends to FUCO & Ryzo Co., Ltd and its relevant staff members for all the damages and responsibilities caused by your violation of relevant laws or this terms.

X.Privacy Policy

For the personal information you have left during using WEBA services, we give absolute respect and protection according to WEBA privacy policy. We will never offer your precious personal information to the third person irrelevant to this website.As for how we use and save your contents on WEBA, we provide more details in WEBA privacy policy and you are welcome to read carefully.

*We protect and process your information privacy based on WEBA privacy policy. By using our service, you agree our privacy policy, and thus please read carefully.

XI.The Settlement of Disputes

If any term in this Terms of Service is determined to be illegal, invalid or unable to execute due to any reason, this specific term does not affect the legality or practicality of other terms. The explanation and availability, as well as the disputes considering this Terms of Service shall be processed according to laws of Republic of China and submitted to the jurisdiction of Taipei District Court in the first instance. You may not offer or transfer any of your rights and obligation from this Terms of Use to others.

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