Measurement and Report

Provide immediate and accurate
Cross-project data and reports

Simultaneous analysis of multiple projects for a better overview and prepare for remarketing

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What is WEBA’s Measurement & Report Module?

WEBA’s Measurement & Report Module collects all necessary data. In addition to basic data from Google Analytics, pivot report, UTM tracking, cross project comparison, and data can be presented in various charts.

Simultaneous comparison of multiple activities for accurate remarketing

Select and compare data from multiple projects in the backend database to learn about the differences and effectiveness of various factors in different marketing activities. According to the esults after analyzing multiple events, more accurate remarketing can be carried out.

Select multiple files in the same account for comparison
Effectively conduct A/B tests for activities of similar nature
Freely switch between chart and data view

Create reports faster with pivot analysis function

The Measurement & Report Module with pivot analysis can switch between a spreadsheet screen and GA’s dimensional item combination to create reports that save time and effort.

Choose between 3 data presentation areas: “Column”, “Row”, and “Value Item”
Choose any required data or total with checkboxing items
Flexibly arrange data in spreadsheets by drag & drop

Track the traffic source with UTM settings

In addition to incorporating GA to track performance, combine UTM and track plug-ins to easily and quickly embed different UTM parameters allowing accurate activity tracking.

Quickly customize the source, medium and other items of your project
Set up multiple sets of UTM without limitation to your needs
Data tracking of different channels by checking UTM segmentation

3 Steps to start using WEBA

1. Choose an Appropriate Template

Hundreds of sets of editions are optionally applied, or through No-Code forms such as components, menus, and content building blocks, create an webpage that meets your needs, and Review > Approve > Publish.

2. The Business Model can be used at Any Time

There are dozens of application mechanisms that can meet the needs of enterprises, such as: publishing mechanism, guide and retention mechanism, revenue doubling mechanism, loyalty and service mechanism, etc.

3. Continuous Optimization of Performance Review

Real-time review of the benefits of each event project, keep abreast of data changes, and identify opportunities for continuous growth and remarketing based on user behavior and digital trajectories.

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