Use No-Code to accelerate every part of the sales cycle

WEBA provides various customer communication and interaction mechanisms, allowing companies to easily meet the key tasks of guiding customers, continuing operations, repurchasing and collecting customer profiles in the sales cycle.

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Our Philosophy & Products

Assist companies in building No-Code architecture
Mobile-First web application

WEBA Engagement Platfrom

Modular Martech function
drive the digital transformation of enterprises

To provide a management platform for customer communication and interaction mechanisms. Through WEBA’s 8 modules and highly flexible web page format, it is easy for enterprises to create a full range of application scenarios such as interactive lottery draws, personalized applications, application forms, and data tracking.


Gamified online lottery drawing tool and customer reward mechanism

Social MGM

Expand customer base by rewarding existing customers for bringing new customers

My Site

Produce thousands of personalized pages through segmentation

Measurement and Report

Simultaneous analysis of multiple projects for a better overview and prepare for remarketing


Generate mobile based and exclusive application process for customer needs

Content Library

Manage and apply all text and image materials at your fingertips

WEBA Mobile Bill

Meet the market’s 99.9% billing demand
More marketing growth empowerment

A platform designed for mobile bill version production and precise marketing. Personalized content can be generated through a data-driven approach, and personalized advertisements can be set, which greatly changes the previous process of creating mobile bills and any modification that requires a change in Raw Data.

3 Steps to start using WEBA

1. Choose an Appropriate Template

Hundreds of sets of editions are optionally applied, or through No-Code forms such as components, menus, and content building blocks, create an webpage that meets your needs, and Review > Approve > Publish.

2. The Business Model can be used at Any Time

There are dozens of application mechanisms that can meet the needs of enterprises, such as: publishing mechanism, guide and retention mechanism, revenue doubling mechanism, loyalty and service mechanism, etc.

3. Continuous Optimization of Performance Review

Real-time review of the benefits of each event project, keep abreast of data changes, and identify opportunities for continuous growth and remarketing based on user behavior and digital trajectories.

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Our Solutions & Results for various Industries

Personalized recommendation exchange activities

According to the past exchange records, 5 currencies are listed. Through WEBA’s personalized web technology, pages with 5 different contents will be completed at one time, and general and Focus Email/SMS/Line will be sent to customers in order to improve the exchange.


300 new transactions in one week based on focus data


Personalized content increases open rate by more than 20%


Event transaction rate has increased by more than 18% compared to before the focus

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